Artificial Intelligence for Small Autonomous Robots

Small, light-weight flying robots such as the 20-gram DelFly Explorer form an extreme challenge to Artificial Intelligence, because of the strict limitations in onboard sensors, processing, and memory. I try to uncover general principles of intelligence that will allow such limited, small robots to perform complex tasks.

Computer Vision

Vision is a prime sense for both animals and robots. I create efficient vision algorithms for robot control and navigation.


Fruit flies are able to fly, avoid obstacles, navigate, and socially interact with each other with only a 100,000 neurons. Insects are a rich source of inspiration for elegant, efficient AI.

Real-world Robotics

As Rodney Brooks said: "Simulation is doomed to succeed" - I focus on problems actually faced by robots in the real world.

Open Science

I stand for an open science, in which articles, code and data is openly and more efficiently shared between researchers and the public.

Current research projects

Please click below to have a look at a selection of my current research projects.

Latest News

First drone day

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Yesterday I went to the first Dutch drone festival to talk about (and demonstrate) small autonomous flying robots. This weekend the festival in Hilv ersum Media Park continues, for instance with FPV drone racing workshops!

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Antoni van Leeuwenhoeklezing

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Today I gave a lecture on smart robots at the Delft Science Center, discussing the intelligence of big robots such as self-driving cars and small robots, such as lightweight drones. Great to see such a mix of young and old people interested enough in this topic to sacrifice a sunny Sunday morning for it

mrt 13,2016one comments

New theory of seeing distances with one eye

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Today, the journal of Bioinspiration and Biomimetics published my article on seeing distances with one eye. Please see my web page for more information.

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